More Junk Science From Katharine Hayhoe


By Paul Homewood


I mentioned the Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment report last week. The report was published in 2007 by the Union of Concerned Scientists, with Katharine Hayhoe as co-lead of the Climate Team.

It is perhaps time to revisit another of their predictions from the Executive Summary.


Seasoned Hayhoe watchers will hear alarm bells ringing, when they see a starting point of 1970 used. It is, of course, a regular trick to use the cold decade of the 1970’s as a baseline.


But what about all these days above 90F? Let’s check a few examples in Maine, New York and Pennsylvania. (The Northeast Climatic Region includes the latter two, as does the Impacts Assessment).

The three stations below are selected from the USHCN list of longer running stations, with little missing data.

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