Shock News!!!! Global Warming Causes No Change In Augusts Snow Cover!!!!!

suyts space

Turns out, the missing heat isn’t hiding in our snow!!! Since 2004, this is what our August snow cover has been in the Northern Hemisphere…….


Clearly, at a certain latitudes, the globe isn’t getting warmer. This calls into question the entire notion of “global” warming. Obviously, it isn’t “global” warming.

If snow cover is slightly increasing, then, at a certain latitude, it is colder, because the freeze line has clearly moved south, towards more area. Also, all of the area above the freeze line has not increase to above freezing.

Graph is in kilometers. Source.

How stupid does one have to be to believe in such a thing as “global warming”?

Sure, there is, was, and always will be an ebb and flow of temperatures at certain places. To date, we still do not have global coverage of temperatures.

Even if we had global coverage of temperatures, averaging them…

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