Is Inventory And Production Related?

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This would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

For some reason ……. well, because leftards love the “solutions” to the dire economic conditions around the world, the media tries to put a happy face on all the bad economic news we have, and for a simple reader, they’d believe all is well.

So, I got a little chuckle when I read these stories, over a period of 3 days ……. here’s some great news the AP put out!

US business stockpiles up 0.4 percent in July

AP News | Sep 12, 2014

You can read the story and feel the beaming happiness of it all. Yesterday, I read this ……

US factory output drops 0.4 percent in August

And, you can read the ‘all is still well’ bs in this story.

In the meantime, they don’t seem to make the connection.

Factory output drops in response to an increase…

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