What Are They Going To Do? Stamp Your Lunch Ticket With “No Dessert”? —- In Vermont They Did!!!

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Sometimes, as a young person there were certain situations where a person asks, “what are they going to do?” “Stamp your lunch ticket with “no dessert” on it? When I went to school, everyone had lunch tickets or cards and whatnot for the school lunch. The situations would be that you were going to do something which was discouraged by the rules, but, no real consequences were laid out by the rules, or, you were already suffering the max punishment for violating some rule, or another, and so the saying came to be.

Townhall has this ….

Nanny State: Vermont Bans Desserts in School

In what may be the ultimate Nanny State move, The mandates are part of a new program titled “Smart-Snacks-in-Schools” and will apply to lunch items, vending machines, and fundraising events between midnight and half and hour afterschool.


said Laurie Colgan, child nutrition program…

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