On A Cold And Stormy Night ….. Part Two!!!!

suyts space

So, yesterday, I posted two sad songs, which were pop. Today, we’ll do country.

Country is different, in that every other country song (real country, not today’s pop, pretending to be country) is a tear jerker.

Yesterday, Kim linked to a couple of sad country songs, but, to me, because I play and sing them often, I don’t consider them in this manner.

I’ll explain. “Blue eyes crying in the rain” is part of my repertoire when singing around a campfire. “Seven Spanish Angels” was one of my cousin’s. Apparently, my cousin did a better job on his songs, than I did on mine. People would hear us singing to “Seven Spanish Angels”, and, apparently, like it. Unfortunately, this would cause people to want us to play and sing this song at funerals. It’s not a good song for such. True, it is a morose, and sad song. But, that’s…

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