Shock News!!!!! Dims Hate On A Black Woman!!!!

suyts space


Well, it isn’t really shocking, at all. She’s run off the plantation!!!

Here’s a lady who is bright and capable, and has found some people who would embrace her for what she has to say, think, and be. For Dims, this is too much!!! Black people, much less women, can’t be conservative!!!!

Utah Dems launch website to portray GOP’s Love as political extremist

You can read the story at the link. But, all it says is the leftards are hating on Love, and trying to portray her as an extremist.

I’ve followed her from a distance. From my perspective, she’s a little to the left of me. That’s no knock on her, everyone is a little to the left of me, other than lunatics who I won’t deal with.

But, this is the grotesque manner in which the leftards roll. They continually harp about how Repubs are only for old…

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