911 …… My Perspective

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Today marks the 13th year since the cowardly attacks on September 11, 2001.

It’s odd, but, it seems to have supplanted Pearl Harbor Day. 9/11 is now a date which will live in infamy. The contrast of the two events are striking.

For those who have a muddled view of history, Pearl Harbor was another cowardly attack. We were not at war with the Japanese at that time.

The reaction to the Japanese, was much more straight forward, though. True, it was a bit simpler, but, in short order, resolve was set, and in short order, we set about eliminating the threat to our nation and people. In four years, we were done. A world power was destroyed, and our people and country made safe, all the while fighting another world power on the other side of the world.

Today, the threats from our enemies are only greater, not diminished…

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