Gene Simmons ….. Right … But, Wrong Too

“I find that many of the more patriotic people are immigrants,” he explained.

I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

suyts space


So, I’m reading this at Breitbart, of all places ….. bear with it, it’s a good read.


Gene Simmons told his son during a candid interview for Esquirethat

Immigrants are more patriotic, according to the KISS legend.

“If you’re a native-born American, my contention is that you take a lot of things for granted. All the freedoms and opportunities you have here are expected, and you feel entitled. I think this has taken over the American psyche.

Ahh….. you see what Gene did there? To him, file sharing is unpatriotic! And it’s them damned white kids!!!!

Of course, rock isn’t dead. Though, listening to today’s music, you’d swear it is, as well.

But, music, like everything, changes. If you want to listen to some good hard guitar licks, listen to some modern country. It’s bizarre, and like Gene, it pisses me off, as…

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