Kansas Senate Race In Chaos!!!

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This year has been a mess in the Kansas Senate race. I still believe Roberts will win, going away, but, things are getting complicated, to which, I’m unsure the average uninformed voter will be able to sort out.


Of course, it first started with an ill-formed idea that some supposed Tea-party candidate could and should replace Roberts as the Republican to run for the Senate. It was divisive, wasteful, and especially stupid. As I said, when this first became news, it wouldn’t happen. But, it would deprive Repubs of money, and darken their prospects in the general election.

I was correct on all counts.

Now, as we head into the general election, we actually have 4 candidates. Roberts for the Repubs, Taylor for the Dims, a fellow named Orman, who is a Dim who wishes to pretend he’s an independent, and a Libertarian no one has heard of.

Still, with…

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