Obama To Put Politics Over Country …….. Again

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So, Zero is going to delay his long awaited threat to do it alone with immigration. Why? Because of the mid-term elections.

Reports: Obama Considers Postponing Executive Immigration Action Until After Midterms

Guy Benson gives us a nicely written and comprehensive look at this. But, most of us are aware of the facts, and so I won’t belabor the points.

With this, I would only point out the horrid reality our president is putting politics above the nation and US law. If Zero truly believes his unilateral actions are necessary and good for the nation, then why doesn’t he just do it? Oh, because he knows it will hurt his party in the elections.

There’s nothing more emblematic of Zero’s reign of terror. He puts party over country, and politics above people.

Sure, it’s illegal, wrong headed, and harm’s this nation, but, that’s a different topic. What I’m saying is…

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