The Sultan of Washington.


There’s a view in certain political circles that the common people are just cattle – as long as they’ve the illusion of having some say in whatever direction you wish to herd them, they’ll be docile and pliable. To some extent, that’s true. Problems arise when whoever is doing the herding starts taking their obedience for granted and their contempt for them becomes all too obvious. It’s where the pampered political elite lose touch with what Marx termed the Lumpenproletariat or proletarian rabble, and the fireworks begin.

When that disconnect happens, people start doing things like storming the Winter Palace, dumping shipments of tea overboard or attacking the Berlin wall with bulldozers borrowed from the nearest building site. You see, politics is about society and society itself is all about cooperating with a bigger organisation because there is a very real expectation of benefits to be had in return. Play…

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