To Repubs, Dems, And Zero On Amnesty ……

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So, talk of amnesty has intensified. Zero is threatening to use his imaginary executive authority to declare amnesty for some people.

Simply put, he doesn’t have the authority to do so. It is true, he can direct the people underneath him to not enforce US law, but, that does, and will, put him in direct violation of his constitutional mandate as president of the United States.

Congress can change the US law to grant amnesty to the illegal immigrants.

They will pay the price if they choose to do so.

In the immediate term, any Dim who is up for re-election will be vulnerable. Polls are overwhelmingly opposed to such.

OTOH, some Repubs think they have it kicked in the ass, at this point. If they’re in Repub country, and have already won their primary, they think they can vote as they like without the voters holding them responsible.


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