Nice …. USGS Goes The Way Of Climatology/Numerology/Tea Leaf Reading/ Bumps On The Head

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New USGS study suggests 42 states at risk of damaging earthquakes

There’s a lot of babbling bs in the article, but, these two paragraphs stick out.

Raising awareness of the risk is key, he says, however “ … we should do much much more for such a serious problem.”

That was at the end of the article, not the beginning, as it should have been.

Here’s one that’s buried in the middle of the article …..

“In California, many faults are better known, some are newly mapped, but the biggest change is in the methods used, that now incorporate models that allow much longer earthquake ruptures along major fault,” said Goldfinger. so [they] are included in the new maps.”

Lightening firing from my ass at will, is a possibility. No, I have no empirical evidence this is possible, but, it is a possibility, so, please fund my ass. If…

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