Supremes Get It Right, Almost!

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LOL, yeh I pulled this pic from HuffPo’s front page!

How did they express their butthurt?

5 Political Operatives Just Hammered Women And Workers

Of course, this hasn’t a damned thing to do with politics, or, …. it does. But, it’s about a larger question,

This is how Huffy/butthurt put it ….

WASHINGTON — On Monday, the Supreme Court dealt a significant blow to the progressive movement, handing down decisions in two high-profile cases regarding birth control and labor unions.

In Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the court ruled 5-4 that closely held corporations cannot be required to provide contraception coverage for their employees.

In its 5-4 ruling in Harris v. Quinn, the court gave certain workers the ability to opt out of paying dues to public-sector unions, delivering a setback to the organized labor movement.

Justice Samuel Alito authored the opinion in each case.

In the Hobby Lobby…

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