Breaking!!!! US Wildfires Getting Better, Not Worse!!!!

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So, this is according to the …..


Click on the pic to take you there.

So, this denier group, which happens to be a government agency, also happens to keep track of the amount of wildfires and the acreage which is burnt from the wildfires.

Here’s what they’ve had to say about the last 10 years ….


And, yet, day after day, year after year, through the entire decade, we see lunatics swearing our fires are getting worse, due to climate change.

Note: Our wild fires have nothing to do with imaginary climate change, but, more how me manage our forests, and what not.

In spite of the data which entirely refutes the lunatics, we actually do a piss poor job of managing our forest fires. We don’t cut near the under-brush necessary, and team Zero continued the dramatic cut in the fire-fighting air force.

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