Say ……. “Steve Goddard Just Might Have A Point!!!!” ….. Says The Lukewarmers

suyts space

Well….. this is a bit irksome/refreshing.


So, Dr. Curry, and Anthony now decide Steve just might have a point. I can’t help but note the backhanded compliments they give him.

So, after literally years and years of skeptics saying that you can’t simply just make up data and pretend it’s real, some people are now paying attention. Of course, this is after many pooh-poohed it in the LSM and other places.

In the recent post of Steve’s, he makes a point I tried to make in my original post surrounding this hubbub. These people aren’t seeing the forests through the trees. They can’t really be this obtuse, so they’re willfully trying to get people to remain ignorant of the huge beam in the eye of climatologists, and their apologists.

Steve quotes yet another bit of sophistry from The Blackboard. Here’s a graph Zeke offered …

Goddard and NCDC methods raw adj

Lets take a…

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