Another Failed Leftarded Media Attack

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I didn’t get an opportunity to write on this when it came out, but, it was funny and sick, nonetheless.

For those who don’t know, Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker, bore the brunt of a full out attack by the LSM. Way back when he got elected, a bunch of Dem investigators tried to invent some criminal charges towards Repubs because of the butthurt they had in losing the Governor election.

Well, some records got unsealed from the proceedings, and the LSM went full bore stupid. The fact is, this legal effort was shut down some time about by two different judicial decrees. There simply wasn’t any evidence to warrant any charges …. to anyone. All of this was established and well-known history, but, the LSM pretending the accusations were new and true.

And, now there’s this ….

“Wisconsin governor wasn’t a target of probe, prosecutor’s attorney says.” The story was…

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