Shock News!!!! Climate Nutters Run Afoul Feminist Concerns!!!!!!

“Each child is an opportunity for the rest of humanity. Each child is unique. Each child is precious.”

suyts space


I don’t know. Maybe this is a way to get people to understand the totalitarianism behind the notion of Global Warming.


The alliance between feminists and population controllers has always been uneasy. While feminists have supported a global right to abortion as a matter of human rights, population controllers support such a right as a means to reduce numbers, sometimes coercively.

This division has been papered over since the International Conference on Population and Development, which took place in Cairo twenty years ago. With the UN now planning something called the Sustainable Development Goals, a global planning document to replace the sun-setting Millennium Development Goals, the divisions are once more emerging.

The new issue is global warming, and the solution to many is the continued reduction of fertility rates, even though fertility rates all over the world have fallen below…

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