Pics Of The Day!!!!

suyts space

These made me chuckle/think. Hope you enjoy.


That’s one question, but, the next one is something leftards have no answer for.


You see, leftards believe government is our answer. And, they pooh-pooh even the most blatant of criminal conspiracies as simply incompetence, and rail against conspiracy theories.

But, let’s say, leftards are correct, in this one instance. Government is the answer because of their demonstrated incompetence?

They invented a website which was literally slower than the US mail. They can’t seem to preserve an email account, but, a plethora of other people can and do provide you with a free email account which does preserve even your useless spam, unless you intentionally delete it. There’s no conspiracy because they believe our government with unlimited resources is less competent than the free crap we get from private companies, who do it for free. But, government is the answer …… to what…

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