Intervention Vs. Non-Intervention ….. Let It Roll!!!!

suyts space

So, I see this at Fox ….

No, I didn’t read it. I don’t want to. Well, I will before I finish this post, but, the headline is so…. wrong headed, I can’t help but comment on the connotations of the headline.

By choosing not to choose, you make a choice. It’s a sad paradox of the human condition. By intentionally not choosing, you are choosing.

So, we’re concerned about Iran and Syria’s involvement in Iraq? Why? Aren’t we essentially choosing to do nothing? (Yes, I’m aware that Zero is an extremist Sunni supporter, but, I’m not getting into specifics, here.)

There are a couple of things to note. One, and most importantly, just because the leftist organization currently occupying the White House is concerned, it doesn’t mean America is concerned.

Look, this is an easy one. If we choose not to intervene (with any significance …. 300 advisors is…

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