Zero Wants Us To Be Like France!!!!! Circling The Drain!!!

suyts space


Good heavens!!!!! Is he a complete moron or does he believe you’re a complete moron?

The other day Zero babbled some more stupidity.

during an event at the White House on Monday.

Extolling the business virtues of helping workers balance family and employment demands, including providing paid time off for the birth of a child, Obama said that if France can provide the benefits, so can the United States.

“Other countries know how to do this,” Obama said.

France provides some of the most far-reaching worker rights in the developed world, including limiting a standard work week at 35 hours and providing 16 weeks of paid maternity leave.

Yeh ….. sure…. France figured something out …. uhmm….. especially the workplace.

This demonstrates the complete detachment from reality the leftards possess. France hasn’t figured anything out!!!! They’re circling the drain! Their debt and deficit is too high, as is their unemployed…

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