Sigh …. Skeptics Doing What Skeptics Do Best …… Attack Skeptics

Never ascribe malice to what can be explained by simple incompetence.

But, it is malice if they’ve been told, and refuse to address the problem

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USHCN Raw Adj Countimage

This is unnecessary, senseless, and frankly demonstrates a character flaw.

So, lukewarmers and near skeptics are attacking Steve, again. This time, though, they’ve even managed to wander outside the skeptic community.

We see this at the Libertarian magazine, Reason.

Did NASA/NOAA Dramatically Alter U.S. Temperatures After 2000?

And, this is one of the many reasons, I don’t link to Reason, very often. This is a rag blog post which gives us nothing but one side of the argument. I hope Mr. Bailey doesn’t actually believe this is any sort of journalism.

For those who may not be aware, Steve Goddard (pseudonym) runs a terrific blog Real Science. Steve goes about it a little differently than I do, but, I think we complement each other quite nicely. The second graph I posted is from Steve’s blog. I would invite people who are not familiar to pop over there and just…

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