Because That’s The Way Leftards Roll …. Ideology Before People

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So Twitchy has this …..

Liberals attack mom whose baby lost doctor because of Obamacare; Update: tweets deleted

As it turns out, Zerocare made sure a child’s cardiologist was gone from the child’s life.

In typical response, we see this from leftards ….

Skyler White @TweetsSkyler


@HollyRFisher@BarackObama not his fault. U should get a job and pay for it yourself instead of taking selfies all day. I feel bad for u tbh

Yeh, but, no. Zerocare didn’t take the doctors away from Medicaide patients.

The rules of Zerocare either mandated, or made it too cost prohibitive for the doctor to care for the child, anymore ….. which was and is the intention of Zerocare.

Of course, a person who paid the insurance, through a working job, and then lost their cardiologist because of Zerocare, gives her no right to complain. Right?

Yeh, jackass. Let your…

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