Ice Melt Of 15 YEARS Of Global Warming Demonstrated!!!!

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I like doing sea ice graphs at this particular point in time of the year, as well as the opposite times of the year. Why? Because of the solstices. People may note the graph is slightly biased …. sort of. But, I do this to illustrate one of the things I harp on. Albedo and the greater significance of the Southern Hemisphere’s ice.

Yesterday was June 21, which is when we receive the most sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere, and the least in the S.H. In all, it’s balanced. When we hit our equinoxes, we’ll have the same in the north as the south, going in different directions.

The lunatics bemoaned the slight loss of sea ice in the north, and said this will make global warming much worse, because ice reflects the sunlight back out to space.

As the graph clearly demonstrates, whatever the ice loss in the…

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