How We Know Hillary Isn’t Going To Be A Viable Candidate In 2016

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Hillary is 66 years old, right now. In spite of herculean make-up efforts, she shows her age. No one is “excited” about Hillary, with the exception of a few lunatics.

It isn’t so much her age, but, her length of time in the public eye. Personally, I think she’s tired, already. I don’t think she’s up for a grueling campaign, especially the lengthy campaign seasons we now have.

If they have to have a stage director demand applause from the audience, to show energy, it will only get worse as the campaigns fire up.

Yes, she’ll have the LSM with her, but, the LSM isn’t what it was, even 8 years ago. Many more millions of Americans are now getting their news elsewhere.

Right now, I’d say the odds of her actually running are nowhere near even 90%. I think she wants to be president, but, I don’t think she’s…

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