I Wonder What The “Externalities” Of Not Having Electricity Are?

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So, I’m reading another fantastically stupid piece at HuffPo …..


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Climate Change Consultant at Bank Information Center

The House Condemns the World’s Poorest to Dirty Coal

The FY2015 State Foreign Operations spending bill that emerged from the House on Tuesday demonstrates a clear misunderstanding of the role of international institutions in promoting U.S. interests and reflects the inconsistent priorities and hypocrisy of House Republicans. , while simultaneously boosting spending to build coal-fired power plants overseas. Although trade-offs must be made when budgets are tight, steering money away from international institutions that promote human rights and toward an industry that is not only responsible for thousands of deaths and illnesses per year, but is also increasingly obsolete and economically unsustainable, is outrageous.

The UN Human Rights Council is a worthy institution? Nezir, you’re a moron. Here are the 2015 members …

  • African States: Côte d’Ivoire

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