Yesterday’s Pic Of The Day!!!!

suyts space


Yep, we have Zero’s pullout of Iraq and his military support for ISIS causing a crisis of a potential Armageddon like scenario in the Mid-East. The US is being flooded by illegal immigrant children because of his idiotic policies. Our economy is one quarter away from a full blown recession, again (we never really got out of the last one). We’ve got our IRS insisting they don’t actually keep official correspondence …. from anyone, apparently. We’ve even got Hillary saying we should continue to investigate Benghazi. (She really, really, does want to be president.) We’ve got the EPA aggressively shutting down our energy sources and jobs, and all this twit can do is stare in confusion at a robot giraffe.

Is there anyone else in this nation more detached from this nation than Obama?

h/t Twitchy

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