Shock News!!!!! Leftarded Press Lies To People!!!! — WaPo’s Milbank Exposed To Be Biased Hack Posing As A Journalist ….. By A Video —- Reminds Me Of Another Song!!!!

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Again, I ask, is there anything more stupid than a Dim?

So, the Heritage Foundation hosted a panel on Benghazi and the unanswered questions our government refuses to answer.

In attendance, supposedly, was one Dana Milbank. Why his parents hated him so much as to give him a girl’s name, we’ll never know. But, most assuredly, this has adversely effected him, both, emotionally and psychologically.

For those familiar with Milbank, you already know he’s a pathological liar, as are most leftists. It’s just they way they roll. Unfortunately for Milbank ….. well, I’ll get to that later….

So, Milbank decides to lie about what he saw and heard there.

Liberal Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank attended a Benghazi panel hosted at the conservative Heritage Foundation earlier this week, and the experience turned his stomach:

What began as a session purportedly about “unanswered questions” surrounding the September 2012 attacks…

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