More Bullshit From Government Sponsored Propaganda Outlet, NBC Says 2/3 Americans Support EPA’s CO2 Mandate!!!!

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This is beyond stupid. A blatant, and obvious lie. Even if the verbiage of the question is entirely errant and grossly misstates the thoughts (it does), the results are simply not believable given the answers to previous questions in the poll.

So, NBC has put out results of a new poll. They simply aren’t credible. No rational person could believe these results to be true.

It’s a bag which is too mixed. You can find the poll here.

Much of the poll is something one would expect. To start, the demographics are reasonable, but, I think the Hispanics are slightly underrepresented. That really shouldn’t make any difference to what I see as errant.

To start with, the poll asks the question if they think the nation (US) is heading in the right direction or not. 63% say we’re going in the wrong direction.

It asks about president Zero ….

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