Comedian Paul Rodriguez Doesn’t Understand Environmentalists …. But Is Beginning To Understand Leftards

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So, I’ve read this at Breitbart …


Comedian Paul Rodriguez says he isn’t against fish or the environment. But the veteran comic has had enough of environmentalists who push their pet causes to the detriment of the working man and woman.

Like, for instance, his own mom.

Rodriguez lamented how his mother’s small farm in Fresno is suffering due to government-mandated water restrictions during an interview with Carl Kozlowski on the Grown-Ass Men podcast.

“Environmentalists have gone too far,” the comedian says. A California region he called the “bread basket” of the world now suffers from an irregular water flow. It’s not Mother Nature’s fault but regulations meant to protect certain fish that end up putting pressure on hard-working farmers, he says.

“We need to build a dam … but the environmentalists won’t let you,” he says. “I believe human life is more…

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