Leftards Grasping For Anti-Semitism As Why Cantor Lost

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Typical leftard bs. I see these two headlines at News Busters.

CNBC/NYT’s Harwood Blames Anti-Semitism for Cantor’s Defeat

You could have set your watch by this.

Logic is always a failure of the Dems ….. As News Busters points out,

Cantor had been serving in Congress since 2001 and his constituents have always known about their congressman’s Jewish faith……

So, for 14 years, the people in Cantor’s district voted for Cantor. Now to have the leftards tell it, they’re wondering if Cantor’s district suddenly turned anti-Semitic? Well, you can bet there are many Dems in Cantor’s district who are, indeed, anti-Semitic. They never voted for Cantor.


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