Tea Party Says No To Amnesty In Cantor Loss …… Need To Hold Off Celebrating Until After November

“So, what needs to happen is that the tea party types redouble their efforts to ensure Brat wins. He needs to win decisively.”

suyts space


So establishment Repubs and the media got their world rocked by watching House majority leader Eric Cantor lose his primary.

Tea party folks are ecstatic. We see headlines like this ….


I think we should hone down our euphoria, just a bit. There’s two reasons for this.

One, this wasn’t so much of a rejection of all that Cantor is, but, rather, a rejection of his views on amnesty. Cantor, by in large, was pretty good, in my estimation. I’m sure others will have specifics in which they would disagree, but, on the whole, I agreed with him more than I disagreed.

Two, nothing is won until the election. There’s still a huge chance this is a step backwards, rather than forward. Yes, yes, it’s a message, and yes, Cantor probably wasn’t right as a majority leader. But, let’s be…

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