9000 year old man found in America

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2 Responses to 9000 year old man found in America

  1. daveburton says:

    It would be better without the first 8 seconds, which contains several varieties of gibberish:

    It’s illiterate:

    “…while strong evidence surmounted; …”
    “…deliberately resembles similarities to…”
    “…these … claims harbor no evidence…”
    + random substitutions of semicolons for commas, random capitalization, etc.

    It’s illogical:

    “…proves that Indian tribes had been waging warfare since pre-neolithic times” — but Kennewick man is certainly less than 10,000 years old, and perhaps less than 9000 years old. Pre-neolithic means >12,000 years ago. Kennewick man proves nothing about what happened more than 2000 years before he lived. What’s more, the violent death of one man proves nothing about the existence or absence of “warfare.”

    It’s ignorant:

    “It’s very easy to determine race, based on skull. ‘It’s archeology 101′” — which is untrue. Such determinations are actually very inexact, particularly when dealing with mixed races or bodies thousands of years old.

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