Warmists Piss Fighting About Imaginary Numbers And Imaginary Positions They Don’t Understand …. But, You Can’t Comment If You Have A Different Notion

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This is funny …. in a sad and pathetic manner. Nutty Nuccitelli and Richard Tol are continuing their piss fight. Nutty is responding to a paper Tol wrote.

Climate contrarians accidentally confirm the 97% global warming consensus

With a shocking headline like that, you’d expect a Richard Mueller type of incident. ….. For those not aware, there was a warmist how vowed to look at the “global warming” debate and decided that the world was indeed warming. He received funding by criticizing other warmists for their process in fabricating data. He liked his method of fabricating data over theirs. When he let loose of his findings, which concluded the world was indeed warming, as he thought, the lunatics claimed victory over the skeptics ….. because a warmist confirmed their findings, even though they heavily criticized his methods.

As it turns out, this is exactly the same thing.

The problem is…

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