Heat, Drought, And Unfathomable Ignorance …… Yeh, Heyhoe Again

suyts space


So, there’s yet another climate catastrophic article at the Huffington post.

U.S. Warming Fastest At Two Corners As Average Temps Spike More Than 2 Degrees Since 1985

I like how HuffPo does that. You see, that wasn’t the tease to make you click on the story. This was…


They’ll take you to the same story. Mostly the article is babbling about the US getting hotter. But, they note, some places are getting hotter than others and other places aren’t getting hotter. …….. so much for “global warming”. But, I digress. This post isn’t about the imaginary temperatures. That’s for another post. I was more curious about the “droughts” and how they correlate to our temperatures. Kathy was nice to oblige.

The Southwest warming, especially in the summer, seems to be driven by dryness, because when there is little water the air and ground…

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