Andrea Mitchell??????? White House Is Done

” If what I suspect, and many others is true, then he needs to hang. But, the bastards who decided to release murderous savages back into the rest of the world, intent on harming us, well, they need drug through the streets, and then quartered. “

Hear hear!

suyts space


So …….

White House backpedals after claiming Bergdahl ‘served with honor and distinction’

Now, this is from Fox, so it’s no surprise. Especially given that the entire world already knows Berghdahl abandoned his post. But, this is a surprise because Fox is writing about a NBC “reporter”/leftist hack.

Deputy national security advisor Tony Blinken struggled to cover for his boss Susan Rice on Tuesday, backtracking from her contention that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl “served with honor and distinction” in the face of tough questions from NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell.

Mitchell confronted Blinken over Rice’s Sunday claim that Bergdahl “served with honor and distinction” — an assertion almost immediately disproven by scores of Bergdahl’s comrades and official Pentagon reports, which show the soldier abandoned his post and may have been seeking to join the Taliban.

“Andrea, as Chairman Dempsey said this morning, we need to give Sgt. Bergdahl an opportunity to…

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