Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Devastated By Climate Change Demonstrated Over Last 35 Years!!!!!!!

suyts space

While the anti-American lunatics shill for Obama’s final solution to the US economy, I thought I’d throw this in because I hear and read people whine about the decline of our snow cover. Because the data has such extreme swings, I thought I’d add a 12 month moving average to the graph so people can get a better sense of the horrid “decline”.


A few notes ……

First, we should note that, (and I’ve included the equation) we’ve actually increased our snow cover, not decreased. Further, this graph is biased towards a decrease with my start point as January of 1980 and the end point being May of 2014, and still it isn’t showing a decline.

Also, this May’s snow cover was 17,011,099 sq kilometers. In 1990, we had a near identical 17,040,199. Yes, Spring snow cover has declined a bit, but, Fall snow cover has increased a bit. As…

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