Dem Politicians Eager To Display Their Unfathomable Ignorance Of The Very Idiocy They Spew — Colorado’s Udall And Bennet Defend EPA Rule Changes!!!

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Udall defends EPA climate change rules as GOP readies attacks

DENVER — Colorado Sen. Mark Udall was the first vulnerable senate Democrat Monday to stick his neck out in support of the Obama administration’s proposed regulations aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Udall, a conservationist whose wife is the former director of the Sierra Club, heralded the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposals to give states an array of options by which to meet a broader goal of reducing carbon pollution by 30 percent by the year 2030.

“Coloradans have seen first-hand the harmful effects of climate change, and reduced snowpack,” Udall said in a statement Monday. “Coloradans also have led the nation over the past decade in confronting this challenge and showing how we can reduce carbon emissions, protect our land, water and air, and strengthen our economy.” …..

Udall’s counterpart, Sen. Michael Bennet, also released a statement supporting the new…

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