MSNBC Is Supposedly A News Organization …….. Riiiiight!!!!

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I think people may make too light of this.

Ann Davis passed on the other day. My condolences to the ones who loved her.

For those who aren’t familiar, she played “Alice” in the TV series, “The Brady Bunch”. She played the part superbly. Nearly everyone my age was familiar with her, and her face.

I’m not saying she was a big part of my life, or, any of the other TV watchers of that time. But, we all were familiar. I’m sure she was a fine lady and great for the people who loved her. But, that’s not what this post is about.

MSNBC attempted, but, failed miserably, to pay tribute to her.

Not only was this callous and uncaring, but, it is indicative of the “news” MSNBC offers. Simply put, it’s more often wrong, than correct. Most often, they have a perception and move their news to fit…

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