And, This Is Why I Haven’t Posted On This Until Today …. Bergdahl

I believe, you are spot on!

suyts space


This had top billing in at Fox.

The thing is, we don’t know, nor do I believe we’ll ever really know. I can’t speak to the character of the man. I don’t know all the facts, nor, does anyone other than Bergdahl, and his supposed captors.

As it turns out, the question is being investigated.

Clearly, if he was a deserter, and a collaborator, then the prison swap was asinine. But, it was asinine even if he wasn’t.

Now that this subject has been fare for millions of discussions around the world and from every possible perspective, I think it’s now appropriate to voice one’s thoughts on this. So, I’ll tell you what I believe.

I believe this is reflective of the pervasive anti-American sentiment in the White House. I believe if Bergdahl were an actual captive, serving our nation with honor and distinction, the White House would have…

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