Zero Admits He’s A Tool Who Cares Nothing About Veterans!!!

suyts space

So, six years after that Democrat was elected, people decided to care …. now.

As a veteran, this is what I have to say.

You Democrats, you can go f..k yourselves. You elected that bitch. You forced that asshat on the American people…… twice!!!! He says he knew there were problems with the VA before he was president. Six years in, and people needlessly died on his watch, ……. even when he knew there were problems, now, he decides to talk about it.

I’m more disgusted with my fellow countrymen than I am with that anti-American loser. The first round, I’ll give them a mulligan, twice? They did this on purpose. For that, there should be a reckoning. Every Democrat second term Obama voter needs slapped …. hard. Right across the face. And continually slapped until they apologize for the harm they caused the US and her people.

I’ll leave…

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