Zero To Declare –1% GDP Growth Isn’t Low Enough!!! Turns To The EPA To Finish Off US Economy And Raise Electric Rates For All Americans!!!!

“The EPA’s babbling idiocy is even more unbelievable. CO2 doesn’t cause weather events, much less climate events. “

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Obama’s Carbon Battle: Everyone Is Suiting Up For A Fight

WASHINGTON — The fight over carbon reduction requirements for the fleet of existing power plants in the United States is well underway — and the Obama administration hasn’t even released the standards yet.

The rules are due Monday, and President Barack Obama himself is expected to announce them, adding to the hype.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a report claiming that the expected rules will cost the U.S. economy $50 billion a year and eliminate 224,000 jobs. Karen Harbert, the president and CEO of the Chamber’s Institute for 21st Century Energy criticized the “unprecedented and aggressive EPA regulations” in a statement.

While the Environmental Protection Agency has been quiet about the specifics of the forthcoming standards, the agency pushed back on the Chamber report.

The country’s biggest business lobby has long opposed efforts to cut greenhouse gases…

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