The Minds Of Leftards …… HuffPo

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So I saw this at HuffPo, and thought it was a perfect example of their mindset. …. not just HuffPo’s, but, leftards in general. It wasn’t the article, itself. It was fine. It’s about a study of wealth transfer, charitable giving was the focus, apparently. But, here’s the title …

Heirs To Inherit $36 Trillion For Doing Nothing

Well, it isn’t always for “doing nothing”. But, so what? That money was earned by the people who made them heirs. It’s their money, they can do with it as they will. But, that’s counter to the premise HuffPo not-so-subtly is trying to make. They begrudge the heirs, and by begrudging the heirs, they’re staking a claim to the money other people earned. This is the shallow and envious world of a leftard. You see, they begrudge heirs of the money given to them, and they say the heirs did nothing to…

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