Lunacy Still Reigns At Eurozone!!! Celebrating A Growing Economy, But, Worried Inflation Isn’t High Enough!!!!

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Well, I’m oddly comforted that some things haven’t changed as my reading declined. The Euro zone is still mired in stupidity.

Europe’s recovery gains speed, faces obstacles

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Official figures are expected to confirm that Europe’s recovery from recession gathered pace in the first three months of the year.

But the recovery is filled with worries, so much so that the European Central Bank is poised to deliver stimulus measures that are more usual for economies mired in recession rather than those on the upswing.

Figures on Thursday are expected to show that the economy of the 18 countries that use the euro .

Yes, but, as I recall, the first quarter of this year is the first time the European nations are suppose to be using the new formulation for the GDP. Further, I’d have to check the immigration numbers for the Euro zone, but, I…

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