Because We Don’t Spend Enough Money On The FBI, CIA, NSA, Dept Homeland Security, Armed Forces, Coast Guard Etc …. Zero Suggests We Should Start A $5 Billion Fund To Combat Terrorism ….. :/

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Obama at West Point: I’m Calling on Congress to Establish a $5 Billion Fund to Combat Terrorism

Speaking at the United States Military Academy at West Point’s 2014 commencement ceremony, the president addressed his critics by outlining and defending his new strategic vision for combating global terrorism now that the war in Afghanistan is coming to a close. To put that vision into practice, however, he said he’ll need Congress’ help.

he said. “These resources will give us flexibility to fulfill different missions, including training security forces in Yemen who have gone on the offensive against al Qaeda; supporting a multinational force to keep the peace in Somalia; working with European allies to train a functioning security force and border patrol in Libya; and facilitating French operations in Mali.”

He also said the resources would be used to help bring stability to Syria.

“As frustrating as it is, there are…

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