Gems 2014 — April 26 Scripture Selection: Mark 4:21-41

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

April 26 Scripture Selection: Mark 4:21-41

Food for Thought: Mark4:30-32

The Kingdom of God is a glorious thing! Romans 14:17 refers to it as “righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.” In today’s reading, it is likened to a tiny mustard seed that, when planted, grows up to be an enormous haven for many birds. In other words, it is indiscriminately of great benefit to others,.

Wherever the Kingdom of God is, there is righteousness, peace, and joy. While some may not even notice it, they are receiving the advantages of the Kingdom. For example, where there are righteous people, there the crime rate is lower, families are more stable, production goes up, and so on. Even unsaved people benefit from a society where the Kingdom of God has taken root. They can find rest in the mustard tree and enjoy the cool…

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