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President Obama Encourages Democrats to Defend Obamacare: ‘I Do Not Think We Should Apologize’


The lunatic has los his mind. Anyone who had anything to do with Zerocare should not only have to apologize, but, be publically whipped for the egregious harm it’s done to our nation and the people of this nation.

But, go ahead. Run on the loss of liberties. Run on the fact that there are now, after passage, Constitutional questions which needed to be resolved prior to passage. Run of the attack on religious freedoms. Run on the higher premiums. But, most of all, run and do not apologize for the lack of results from this fiasco. Run on all of this and don’t apologize for all of this cost for giving coverage to less than 3% of the population, which could have easily been achieved if we closed our borders and created some jobs.


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