Shock News!!!! Low Wage Workers Losing Benefits Because Zerocare!!!!

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Report: More Low-Wage Workers Losing Benefits Under Obamacare

Today’s Wall Street Journal explores the deleterious impact Democrats’ signature overhaul is having on workers — often low wage — who work “variable hour” professions. The report focuses on employees of food services monolith Sodexho, but notes that similarly-situated companies are likely to follow suit in the coming months and years. Obamacare is all about fighting for the little guy, supporters will be quick to inform you. Except when it’s not, which turns out to be often (via YG Network):

Susan Caspersen was in a hospital in Akron, Ohio, last November recovering from an emergency appendectomy when she got some unwelcome news: as of Jan. 1, 2014, she would no longer be eligible for the health-insurance plan offered by her employer, food-service giant Sodexo USA. Ms. Caspersen, a waitress at Virtues Restaurant in the Summa Akron City Hospital, falls…

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