One Spanking Was Enough For Sink!!!! Dems Basically Conceding A Fla. District!!!!

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Uh Oh: Alex Sink Won’t Challenge Rep. David Jolly (R-FL) in 2014

Readers might recall that Jolly beat Sink in a special election for a seat in the House of Representatives. It was a narrow win for Jolly, but, it’s the same district Zero won twice. Sink narrowly lost the Governor race in 2010, so she was well known in Florida.

For those unaware, the significance of Florida is key to presidential elections. Dems have the populated states of California and New York. Repubs have Texas. It would be very difficult for Repubs to win without Florida. One would imagine that the Repubs would then focus greatly on Florida, but, it’s the party of stupid and Florida is a very strange and diverse state. The dynamics and demographics of Florida are really very hard. They’ve lots of Hispanics, but many are Cuban and other immigrants which are very conservative. But…

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