Typical Failure To Address Problems And Reality ….. Colleges Look To Improve Remedial Classes!!

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This is the stuff that makes my head hurt.

Colleges seek to improve remedial programs

BALTIMORE (AP) — The odds have long been stacked against students like those in Edward Ennels’ remedial math classes at Baltimore City Community College.

The problem is so profound that the advocacy group Complete College America dubs remedial classes the “bridge to nowhere.” The challenge, educators say, is that , many of these students run out of financial aid before they can complete their credit requirements, get discouraged by non-credit classes or find themselves unable to complete them.

Look, I don’t wish to sound mean, or uncaring, but, can we address reality just for a moment?

There’s a reason why many of the students in remedial classes don’t graduate, and the reason is that many of them simply don’t have the aptitude for higher learning. That’s why they find themselves in remedial courses to begin…

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